Exploring Grahamstown & Rhodes University

Photography, South Africa

Grahamstown is composed a few main streets flaunting several mouth-watering restaurants and bumpin’ pubs. It’s a college town so although during the day the streets are filled with locals doing their shopping and selling items on the street, at night it is much of a party town especially on Fridays. For some reason, which is unbeknownst to me, Wednesdays (but not Saturdays) are also a huge party night.

Getting to know Grahamstown requires a map or someone who knows where their going because it does have a moderately puzzling street composition. The scenery can change quite rapidly if you’re not paying attention, and although I enjoy seeing all aspects of life in Grahamstown, a mirage of “ay-bay-bay” or “hey sista, coins?” following me to KFC is not my favorite thing.


Ifrane, Morocco

Morocco, Photography

IMG_3087 IMG_3078 IMG_2963 IMG_2929 IMG_2949 IMG_2962

Think about the Poconos in the US – that’s what Ifrane is. It’s a small town in the middle of Morocco surrounded by the popular ski slopes, which are mostly a tourist destination for Moroccans. When I stayed in Ifrane, however, it was in between summer and winter – picture absolutely unexpectedly freezing nights and oddly hot days. All at the same being surrounded by a ghost town. A ghost town except for Al Akhawayn University. I was only in Ifrane for four days while presenting at a conference on the Muslim World, but at all times of the day I was fairly freezing.

I thought – oh I’m going to Africa, it’s going to be so warm! I also made the mistake of checking the weather but only looking at the highs. Warning: always check the full weather report, don’t just be optimist like me and only bring a light-weight fleece.

This beautiful, remote, and extremely developed town smack right in the middle of Morocco is only a few hours from all the major cities (and Spain). It’s a great stop for a trip to Morocco and some of the sites will make you forget you’re technically in Africa.