Frosty Virginia

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Three hours left on this epic road-trip. The mountains of Virginia are a sight to see – what a gorgeous area, especially in fresh snow.



Celebrating St. Patricks Day on the Road

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There will be no green beer for me this year because I’ll be finishing up the last leg of my ten day road-trip. Tomorrow is about a thirteen hour drive back to campus and back to reality. Driving for that long after an exhausting weekend is not fun especially when my Instagram will be full of people getting sloshed, green beads strung around their neck (I’m a college student so no one has a job to get to plus it is a snow day). So how can you make a long drive festive?


My first solution to any road-trip is trivia. I am a trivia geek – if a restaurant advertises a trivia night, I will be there. I have a very competitive soul and the desire to never stop learning so trivia is my bestfriend. These questions will obviously be all about St. Patrick’s day – traditions, background, history, etc. Know any good trivia? Comment below!

Every successful roadtrip (you know the kind where you don’t want pull your hair out) requires good music, so in the spirit of St. Patrick’s day some Irish music is necessary. Of course not too much though or you might want to actually pull your hair out. All’s good in moderation.. Aside from traditional bagpipey music, you can go the party route as St. Partrick’s day has turned into more of a party rather than a religious holiday. Upbeat, club music is always a good idea for long car trips because there’s no way you’re feeling tired behind the wheel with dubstep blasting. Macklemore came out with the perfect combo song of Irish and pop music called “Irish Celebration”. It’s not my favorite song but it does the job for this Irish party.

For lunch, instead of going through the drive-through my friend, Kayla, and I are headed to an Irish pub. Not quite sure which one yet, but there are enough everywhere that I’m sure we’ll run into one along the way! Of course no alcohol, but we can enjoy the atmosphere of an Irish pub as well as a hearty meal.


What I’m looking forward to most is participating in the regional tradition of Savannah, Georgia on St. Patrick’s day of blowing bubbles. I just read about it in this National Geographic article and think it is a great idea for the car! The first Dollar Store I see I’m stopping and picking up some bubbles. I mean what could be better than a day out on the road blowing bubbles out of the window, watching them fly down the road behind you? It reminds me of my swimming days. Fellow swimmers would understand – it’s all about the slogan eat my bubbles. Oh, those were the days.

Lastly, the best way to honor the original idea for the holiday is not to party, because really that is an American thing, which takes away from the actual Irish holiday. In fact, St. Patrick’s day was a complete dry holiday until 40 years ago in Ireland. So, although it would be more fun to party at University of Delaware or at my college, Washington College, I think I will have just as much fun without a huge celebration. I’ll just be enjoying the open road with my bubbles and trivia.