Into The “Wild”

Nature, South Africa

Yesterday I had the incredible opportunity to visit Kwantu Elephant Sanctuary, which is part of the larger game reserve, about 30 minutes outside of Grahamstown, South Africa. The reserve is home to 21 elephants (or 5 – the website said 5, but our tour guide said 21) who have almost 15,000 acres of land to spread out on, along with many other animals. Despite the terrain remaining true to what their usual habitat would be like, they are still fenced in and trained – hence the use of quotation marks around “wild”.


Lemur Selfies

Alabama, USA

Alabama Gulf Shores ZooIMG_5242 IMG_5252 IMG_5254 IMG_5255 IMG_5262 IMG_5264 IMG_5270IMG_5276 IMG_5280 IMG_5284

Zoos in general are kinda ehhh to me when traveling as I feel they’re kind of a waste of money, but this zoo was relatively affordable and also happened to be one of my traveling partner’s favorite childhood memories. A highlight of the zoo was their relaxed approach in dealing with lemurs in what they call “Lemur Encounter,” where you’re put in a play-pen with two lemurs and you just play around with them. I was especially pleased at their selfie taking skills. I’m out ☮.