Q&A: Hectorina’s New DIY Rock Album


An interview that was published in Charlotte magazine’s March issue about local rock band, Hectorina.

HECTORINA KICKS OFF its Snug Harbor residency this month on Feb. 6, ahead of the release of their new album, Knotted Everest. The local DIY rock group’s fifth full-length record is moodier than Hectorina’s past pop punk style albums, but that’s just a part of the band’s mission: to constantly evolve. Charlotte magazine spoke with frontman Dylan Gilbert in January about Hectorina’s new album and about the city’s—and Hectorina’s—ever-changing sound (edited for clarity and space).

Charlotte magazine: What’s the inspiration for the name of the album, Knotted Everest?
Dylan Gilbert: 
A lot of our earlier work was more colorful and more psychedelic, but the stuff we’ve been thinking about and writing about now are more anxiety-driven. Just thinking about our current time, it can be more stressful. Knotted Everest is this enormous thing all tangled up.

CM: How has your music evolved in Hectorina’s seven years?
 I think that a lot of artists find what they like, and they want to stay in their realm. Of course that’s OK, but our M.O. from the very beginning was let’s keep going. Always asking, what’s next for us? A lot of the time, whenever we put stuff down on paper, we’d already be onto the next thing stylistically or creatively before the other thing released. Maybe it’s hard: The people who like our band, can’t keep up with us, but hopefully that could be a good thing, too.

READ MORE: http://www.charlottemagazine.com/Charlotte-Magazine/February-2019/Q-A-Hectorinas-New-DIY-Rock-Album/

Photo courtesy of Hectorina.

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