Editor’s Note: Stress Dreams and Gift Giving


My editor’s note from Charlotte magazine’s December issue. Cover image by Logan Cyrus.

I HAVE ONE VIVID, recurring nightmare. It’s the night before Christmas, and I’ve completely forgotten about the holiday. I haven’t gotten gifts for anyone; I haven’t spent hours making sure the bows are tied symmetrically. Cookie dough is still just a bag of flour, uncracked eggs, and a container of sugar. I’m stuck in Charlotte eight hours away from home in Delaware.

I panic and drive to the mall to grab last-minute gifts, but the stalls are all shuttered. CVS for gift cards? Closed. I think I could re-gift something from home, but my closet is suddenly empty.

READ MORE: http://www.charlottemagazine.com/Charlotte-Magazine/December-2018/Editors-Note-Dec-2018-Stress-Dreams-and-Gift-Giving/

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