Planning Way Way Ahead

Italy, Morocco, Travel Tips

“The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” – Henry David Thoreau

Traveling alone is exhilarating, scary, and necessary. Never knowing what to expect is part of the fun and part of the fear. I’m a talker, once you get me going you wish you could get me to stop. I have a tendency to go on unmapped rants that run around in circles until someone changes the topic or just walks away. Luckily that makes traveling by myself easy because I’m not scared of making friends along the way. Even with that being say I still prefer traveling with friends, but I still try to take time to explore places by myself.

While on trips with friends or family I like to set aside a few hours to go on a walk alone or scout a nearby town with nothing my trusty (and fully-charged) iPhone. Although I’m still in the beginning stages of my traveling addiction I have big plans for the next year; sometimes I think they might be too big, but hey you gotta dream big!

Next December I will be leaving home for around eight months as I try to make my way around Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia in addition to studying abroad in Milan, Italy. My biggest fear is money, not being alone. Milan is an expensive city to say the least and although it is in the perfect location for all my traveling needs (and in the country I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember), it’s going to be tricky budgeting eight months of my life while living in a city with such a high price tag as a broke college student. Challenge accepted.

Here’s my tentative plan….

12/27-1/11 Bangkok, Thailand with the Anti-Human Trafficking Club, volunteering at an NGO (if anyone knows of one that would take volunteers let me know!)

1/12-1/15 Milan, Italy — meeting my mom in Milan, finding an apartment, getting accustomed to the city, drinking lots of wine

1/15-1/18 Venice, Italy

1/19-1/22 Florence, Italy

1/23-02/04 Backpack through Morocco & Spain, hopefully meet up with my friend who will be in Morocco at the time. Start in Casablanca, continue to Tangier, then enter Spain and hit Malaga, Granata, Madrid, Bilbao, and Barcelona.

02/05-Mid June (ish) — classes at Universidad Cattolica del Sacro Cuoro. Weekend trips/Spring Break to…

  • Siccily
  • Rome
  • Budapest
  • Backpack through Germany (friend will be studying at Meinz)
  • Amsterdam (visit grandparents)
  • London
  • Backpack through France
  • Croatia
  • Switzerland
  • Cairo
  • Tel Aviv
  • Jerusalem
  • Ireland

06/17-06/30 Malta & Greece

07/01-07/04 Istambul

07/04-07/08 Dubai

07/09-07/11 Qatar (visit friends)

07/12-08/10 Settle down somewhere in East Asia for a month – not sure where?

08/11-8/13 California

08/14 home.



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